1. Be close to the people. you can’t claim to govern and not pursue people oriented/centered policies.

2. politics centered on self interest is inimical to rapid growth and development.

3. Use o political thugs to cause undue tension in the land causes division along party lines.

4. Work or be voted out. As a politician, you can no longer hide under the cloak to hold on to power without performing well.

5. Nigeria’s democracy is growing on the right path and taking the right shape. The power to dictate the direction of this remarkable development in her history is in the hand of every Nigerian.

6. True change begins with a mindset coupled with the individual and collective qualities of self improvement and determination are the key means to enduring and lasting positive change.

7. Irrespective of whoever emerges as “Commander in Chief”, his duty is primarily to his country. Nigerians must accept and appreciate this phenomenom.

8. Nigeria does not belong to a few cabal, it belongs to everyone. we must all work together to ensure that Nigeria moves forward. This fact should also create an overwhelming sense of national consciousness.

9. One’s political ambition is not worth the drop of blood of any human being.

10. Persistence and determination will