What is development? Why is it necessary to talk about youth development. From reliable sources and statistics, a large part of the world’s percentage of youth (ages 18-24) are in developing countries. This then shows that a good number of developing countries possess what I call ‘untapped’ ‘real wealth’ human resource which is capable of providing sustainable development.
Africa which is my focus is a land full of both human and mineral resources. Development into he African context has to shift its base or focus from the older generation to the younger ones. The problem is that Africa has to recognise the remarkable potentials which is embedded in its youth. The youthful age in the developed world is an age for exploration, discovery and invention. Governments of the developed countries recognise the importance and contribution of its youths to overall national development.
It is however a sad story that African governments have failed to support and galvanise the youths to organize and direct their energies towards national development.
If the popular assumption of the youths been the future of tomorrow still holds sway, then it is the responsibility of the present generation to create an awareness as well as an enabling environment for the youths to showcase their wealth of wisdom.
These youths should be trained, equipped and encouraged to do what is in the best interest of the nation, the continent and the world at large. If the socio-cultural environment is favorable then the mental capacity to create, produce and reproduce will be extremely profitable to African economies.
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