2015 ELECTIONS IN NIGERIA: Lessons to Learn

1. Be close to the people. you can’t claim to govern and not pursue people oriented/centered policies.

2. politics centered on self interest is inimical to rapid growth and development.

3. Use o political thugs to cause undue tension in the land causes division along party lines.

4. Work or be voted out. As a politician, you can no longer hide under the cloak to hold on to power without performing well.

5. Nigeria’s democracy is growing on the right path and taking the right shape. The power to dictate the direction of this remarkable development in her history is in the hand of every Nigerian.

6. True change begins with a mindset coupled with the individual and collective qualities of self improvement and determination are the key means to enduring and lasting positive change.

7. Irrespective of whoever emerges as “Commander in Chief”, his duty is primarily to his country. Nigerians must accept and appreciate this phenomenom.

8. Nigeria does not belong to a few cabal, it belongs to everyone. we must all work together to ensure that Nigeria moves forward. This fact should also create an overwhelming sense of national consciousness.

9. One’s political ambition is not worth the drop of blood of any human being.

10. Persistence and determination will

The Dawn of Youth Development in Africa

What is development? Why is it necessary to talk about youth development. From reliable sources and statistics, a large part of the world’s percentage of youth (ages 18-24) are in developing countries. This then shows that a good number of developing countries possess what I call ‘untapped’ ‘real wealth’ human resource which is capable of providing sustainable development.
Africa which is my focus is a land full of both human and mineral resources. Development into he African context has to shift its base or focus from the older generation to the younger ones. The problem is that Africa has to recognise the remarkable potentials which is embedded in its youth. The youthful age in the developed world is an age for exploration, discovery and invention. Governments of the developed countries recognise the importance and contribution of its youths to overall national development.
It is however a sad story that African governments have failed to support and galvanise the youths to organize and direct their energies towards national development.
If the popular assumption of the youths been the future of tomorrow still holds sway, then it is the responsibility of the present generation to create an awareness as well as an enabling environment for the youths to showcase their wealth of wisdom.
These youths should be trained, equipped and encouraged to do what is in the best interest of the nation, the continent and the world at large. If the socio-cultural environment is favorable then the mental capacity to create, produce and reproduce will be extremely profitable to African economies.
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How to (Effectively) Show Support

The Daily Dahlia

Here’s something I’ve noticed a lot – people want to help. People have good intentions. People want to show support. But they don’t really know how. They don’t know why something matters, or how to get mileage out of it.

Here’s what else I’ve noticed a lot – people really love to rage. And that’s important; there are issues that require it. And raging does change things.


There is a really big difference between being a person who only rages and a person who both rages and makes a real move for change. And maybe people don’t realize that. Maybe they don’t get how. But I’m tired of seeing raging with no support counterbalance, and I’m tired of people thinking raging is enough without backing it up in a meaningful way. I’m tired of people not realizing how limiting the effects are when all you do is talk…

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Fear and doubt

Upgrade 4 values

lion in cage

When fear and doubt returns again as you look in the direction of your future — do not accept those little foolish thoughts which beckon your tired body to turn back, to quit! Do not accept that seed in your mind that you are nobody comparing to your dream. Fear will hold you back and expose your former mistakes. Doubt will whisper to you that out there are hundreds of people, all far better equipped for their goals than you are.

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I have been given eyes to see and mind to think to accomplish far more than I have, far more than I am today.  With not very fortunate beginning, as a homeless child, I started my journey and after decades of striving, and one day I came to the place called –End-Of-Road. Well, that is not a funny place, I can tell you that. It means — there are no more exits as it was before along the way.

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Live To Lose Or Win!

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Regardless of race, creed, or color we will all look death in the face and leave this existence. The question is how? Suffering or prospering? Fulfilled or worn out? We will walk and walk until we grow weary and we can walk no more, and soon our journey through the many seasons of life comes to the end.

Our time in this life is very short, indeed. In light of this the time we do have becomes very precious — every hour seems vital, every minute should be lovingly savored.

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There are some words you have to remove from your vocabulary before you step on your next starting line. Before you step on that line — leave behind any consideration of defeat. Step on the line as a victor not as a victim. Delete such words and phrases as impossible, quit, cannot, I’m not able, improbable, failure, unworkable, later, hopeless, retreat; for they are words of bystanders and back holders. These words only create disease called despair. If you got that virus, do not take the run. Get healed first! But if you’re ready for the next test — ignore the obstacles at your feet and keep your eyes on the goal and shut your ears and hear not those who weep and complain about the weather.

There is an ancient knowledge of averages and you have to bend it to your goal –You have to persist with knowledge that each attempt to win will increase…

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